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 Hi, guys!

I hope you're having a great week! I thought for sure I would get this OOTD up on the blog earlier this week for you, but it has been a bit hectic and unusual.

Quick Life Update
On Saturday, Fred and I attended a home OSU game and we had such a fun time! We got to sit in box seats, because Fred won a design contest at work and box seat tickets were the prize! It was such a great experience for us. I loved getting to know some of his coworkers (and their partners) better!
It was calm and toasty inside the box.. definitely the way to watch a football game! It felt so fancy having people wait on us! Fred and I both went to OSU in college, so we're used to going to the games and freezing our butts off sitting on the bleachers! We are so thankful for that very generous gift and I'm so proud of Fred! Not just for winning, but because he works his tush off. You might not know this about Fred, but he is THE hardest worker I've ever met. His work ethic is seriously impeccable and it's not just me being biased. People say this about him ALL the time!
He puts his all in everything that he does. I'm so proud of his team for winning the contest. Their design was amazing and all of their hard work paid off! I'm gonna brag on Fred for a second, because he would NEVER tell you guys this stuff haha. He wins a lot of contests, because he is very creative and he works so so hard!

Then on Sunday, we had to be at the airport at 5 am, because Fred was flying to Japan for work.
Since Fred has been there for the past couple of days, I've been back and forth between my parents place and our place. I had to get a heart monitor put on on Tuesday at my cardiologist's office. I only had to wear it for 24 hours though and I've already taken it off now. It wasn't as bad compared to last fall when I had to wear one for 30 days! I had to wear one this time, because I'm still having some symptoms that my doctor is wanting to get checked out. I will keep you guys updated on that when I find out any results. So far from the other tests there, my cardiologist thinks I have low blood pressure. I've been trying to wear compression stockings as often as I can for about a year now. I fell off of wearing them over the summer and in the heat, because it was just too hot to go out in them. I saw a couple of really cute floral print ones on Victorian Trading Co. (which is like my favorite website ever) and I might pick up one or two pairs for the winter season. #spoonielife

It's been so nice getting to spend this time with my parents. We've been able to spend a lot of quality time together and they've been so kind in helping me with my photos and my blog errands!
I hope you've been having a great week! <3
Every Fall, BEARPAW just nails it with their boot collection! Every year, I get the most excited for their new autumn/winter boots and slippers! These brown boots are my favorite from their new Fall collection! These are the Anthracite style in the color Earth Brown. This style is trending right now! The way they hit below the knee, but still cover up a lot of the calf is currently trending and was seen in many of the fall 2019 runway shows!
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that would get you $22 off of these boots! 

I got this pearl headband from Amazon and I LOVE it so much! You can shop it here or down below! I get a lot of compliments when I wear it too. The other day, a sweet girl who worked at Lush complimented me. She said it looked very angelic. I guess it could kind of resemble a halo! I'll take that compliment for sure! Side note: This girl was SO sweet! We talked for a long time and I thought about telling her I had a blog so that we could stay in contact, but I decided not to. 
I never want anyone to feel like I'm only trying to sell them something, or that I'm bragging! But it probably wouldn't have been received that way anyway and I'm bummed I didn't do it.. maybe next time! Or if Fred was with me, he would have! He always gives out my business cards. 

I got the sweater from Francesca's during their summer sale and I got the skirt a few years ago from Zaful. I found the most similar ones I could find and linked them below for you! (:

Are you soaking up all of the fall things, or are you in the Christmas spirit already?! 
I LOVE fall! I'm not ready for the fall weather to leave, but I am ready for all things Christmas related! 


Christina xx

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May your days be merry & bright! :)

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