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Hi, guys!

I received my Decocrated Spring box and I wanted to show you what was inside.
Decocrated makes quarterly, seasonal home decor boxes that bring a little sunshine inside the home!
These spring items are so bright and cheery, exactly what our place needed for a little spring refresh!

I've been thrilled with the quality and the aesthetic of the pieces that come in these subscription boxes. I also got to winter box and I love those pieces too!

You can check out my Instagram post, if you'd like to see some of the pieces from the winter box.
Decocrated seasonal decor boxes are a steal! 
Each box is only $79.99 
Or you can subscribe annually to receive all 4 boxes for only $287.99

If you'd like to try it for yourself, 
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You can shop the boxes here!
Are you ready for the unboxing?!

Here are all of the pieces in the spring box:
1) Black Metal Lantern

I think the lantern is my favorite piece! It has such a rustic charm to it and it makes any tabletop look more whimsical and cozy.

ou could keep it simple and pair it with a single candle, or you could add some greenery to it like I did! You could also turn it into a miniature succulent garden!
2) 2 Art Prints

These art prints are so vibrant and they say motivational quotes that are much needed for what's going on in our world right now. One says, "love every little thing you do" 
And the other one is double sided with the quotes 
"home is where my heart is" and " live in color". 

Decocrated's featured artist, Kelly Merkur, designed these.
Kelly believes in being feminine and strong and that those two things are not mutually exclusive. 
She also believes that color is the most important element in her artwork. 

I decided to tape one of the prints onto the wall art piece from Decocrated's winter box to give it some dimension. You could tape these over your desk, frame them, or hang them from some twine!
3) 2 Blue Pillow Cases

I love that these blue pillowcases have a twill texture, because they add dimension and comfort to our cozy corner! I love mixing textures in my decor, because of the element of playfulness it adds.

You could add these to your bed pillows for a bedroom refresh, or you could add them to your favorite corner, or nook. 
4) Gold Tabletop Set 

The gold tabletop set is such a versatile item!
 I like adding gold into my decor, because it adds a little splash of elegance and glamour. 

You could do so many things with this set! I decided to use one of the containers as a candleholder and I plan on using the circle base as a perfume holder for my vanity. 
You could also use this set to organize office tools, or you could use it as a coffee table centerpiece, just add some flowers into one of the containers & voila! 
5) Framed Art Piece

Kelly Merkur also designs this framed artwork. This piece adds a pop of color to any wall! 
Spring is the perfect season to experiment with color in your home.

This piece would look beautiful hung up on a gallery wall, or sitting on a shelf!
6) Magnet Board 

This magnet board is the perfect spring organizational tool! & I love the wooden border on it.

You could use this to organize your office space, or it could become a calendar, or a menu board for your kitchen!

7) Art Magnets

 These colorful magnets are so cute and fun! I personally love the one that says, "love" and the one that says "believe in yourself". :)
Kelly Merkur designed these.

I put them on our fridge, but they look great on the magnet board too! 
8) Burlap Tote 

Okay, so isn't this the cutest tote ever? I just adore the saying on it! I love how big it is too, 'cause I carry around a lot of junk! This will be my new Mary Poppins' bag.

You can use this as your go-to tote, or you could hang it up and put some spring flowers in it.
Which item is your favorite?!

Sending peace and love to you wherever you might be today <3


Christina xx

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