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Hi, my friends!

In honor of Valentine's Day, Fred and I wanted to do something fun and different for date night! We partnered with JOANN to have a tie-dye t-shirt date night in and make each other shirts. We had so much fun trying our hand at tie-dye! It was even more fun making the shirts for each other, instead of making our own. This is the perfect Valentine-inspired craft for a date night in, or a Galentines celebration! 

We were both surprised by how easy they were to create and the Tulip Tie-Dye Kit made it even easier for us!

Supplies you need: tie dye kit (that has reusable cover, rubber bands, protective gloves, bottles of dye and an instruction guide) water, t-shirts, fabric markers (optional)


1) lay down a protective cover, because things can get a bit messy!

2) if you want to draw on the shirt first, use fabric markers and then be sure to let your shirt dry for up to 24 hours

3) once the marker has dried onto the shirt, rinse the shirt with cool water and then ring it out 

4) lay the shirt down and twist it into a spiral formation (if you want to make the spiral pattern that we did)

you can look up Youtube videos to find other patterns that you want to create and then you will just fold the shirt accordingly

5) put rubber bands around the tucked shirt and let the rubber bands section off the shirt, we did a criss cross of 3 bands (see the picture below)

6) add water to the tie-dye bottles and shake them up

7) put the tie-dye on the shirt, 
we used the rubber bands as the divides for where we added color (see the pictures below)

8) leave the shirts in a safe place to dry unbothered for about 24 hours

9) rinse the shirts in cool water

10) stick the shirts in the dryer

now they're ready to wear! :)

Who would be your ultimate tie-dye partner? Would it be your valentine, or your galentine?


Christina xx

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