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                                                                                Hello, my friends!

I've teamed up with JOANN in honor of National Craft Month to create a framed boxwood mantelpiece! 

JOANN has an amazing library of crafts and DIYs on their website. That's where I found this DIY. 

You can check out their official DIY here: How To Make Framed Boxwood Mantelpiece

And you can follow along with my tutorial below!

Supplies Needed:

  • Boxwood Wreath
  • Spool of wide cotton ribbon in a pattern of your choice
  • Old window frame
  • Jar of Home Decor paint: White and English Lavender
  • Medium paintbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters

1) If you can, remove the glass from the window frames. If you can't do that, be sure to tape off the areas so you don't get paint on the glass

2) Use wood glue to glue the 2 frames together, of course you will omit this step if you only have one frame

3) Paint the frames with the English Lavender color and then let it dry

4) Paint the frames sparingly with the Cottage White paint and then let it dry 

5) Use sandpaper to distress the surface of the frames and let some of the lavender color show through 

6) Place a nail on the top backside of the frame for hanging and for the ribbon to hang on
(now put the glass back into the frame if you removed it and be sure to clean it!)

7) Wrap the ribbon around the boxwood and make the loop long enough to hang the wreath on in the front

8) Hang the wreath 

& Voila!
Here is how my turned out:
What do you think of the finished product?! :D


Christina xx


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