Travel | Frankenmuth, Michigan Travel Diary - Our Christmas In July!

Hi, friends!

You probably saw my Frankenmuth Travel Guide that I posted earlier this week and if not, I will leave the link here so you can check out my top 8 favorite places! We had so much fun on this trip! The town really is magical. I wanted to share all of our photos in a more casual post for your guys and this is it. I hope you enjoy!
One of my favorite things about the town was the incredible landscaping!
There were gorgeous flowers everywhere.
Look at this little Christmas themed fairy garden!
It inspired my to buy the miniature Christmas tree on the trip for my fairy garden.
I thought the little Halloween one was super cute too!
I had Fred take a picture of this street art because my mom's nickname for me has always been "Little Lamb". I wanted to send a pic to her.
I loved this fun, vintage-y capture of the Salt Water Taffy Store.
This is representation of summer to me!
I absolutely loved all of the fairy gardens that we came upon.
Fred took this one 'cause the gnome had a little camera... too cute!
I had too much fun picking out treats at the chocolate haus. 
Check out my travel guide to see my favorite chocolates!
Fred and I couldn't believe that the office buildings in the town were this pretty! 
It's like a perfect, fairytale town!
We make a squirrel friend on every trip that we go on!
Cutest boy ever ^^^
& The rest of the photos are from Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.
These little Christmas town scenes are my absolute favorite! 
The Grinch is the best ever. Look at the Grinch lifting Cindy Lou, this picture warms my heart.
Beauty & the Beast is my favorite Disney movie! Tale as old as time ...
What a magical place & what an amazing birthday surprise! 
We made so many memories here and can't wait to go back and make some more!
Where's your favorite place you visited this summer?!


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