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Hi, guys!

I am SO thrilled to announce to you that I will be collaborating with Simply Earth for the rest of the year! YAY!!! I'm so excited to be a part of the Simply Earth squad. They have incredible essential oils and they're such a unique essential oils brand. They have a monthly recipe box filled with full sized essential oils, extras, and recipes on what to create with them. How amazing is that?!
They also donate 13% of their profits to end human trafficking.
This month's box has a natural soap theme which I absolutely love the idea of! I've been switching out everything in our shower that has chemicals & added gunk in them and replacing them with natural alternatives. I've also simplified my grooming routine and threw out some products that I was using that I really didn't need. Fred and I both use bar soap so we will be making soap very soon from the recipe in the box. I am literally so excited to make the soap! I just got my box yesterday and I would've already made it, but our apartment is currently in disarray. We're having our carpets cleaned today so our space won't be put back together for a little while longer. I will be making the Flowers, Spice, and Something Nice Soap recipe as soon as I can! A homemade soap bar would also make a great git for the holiday season.
So, let me tell ya what's in this month's box!
 I got 4 essential oils: Lemongrass (Fred's going to cry tears of joy when he sees that we got this one, because he just loves lemongrass) I just took the lid off and smelled it again and mmhmm it smells just like fresh lemons. This is such a fresh and uplifting scent. It's a perfect home scent.
Happy Joy This scent smells exactly like it's name. It's bright and incredibly uplifting! It's a blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.
Cajeput Have you heard of this one? I had never heard of it until this box. You guys, I love this scent. It has such a spa-like aroma. This smell like the perfect oil to diffuse while you take a hot bath, or before you go to bed. It's so wonderful!
Bay This scent also has a spa-like aroma in my opinion. It has a spicy, woody scent that is perfect for autumn diffusing.
There's an adorable little soap mold included in the box and Aloe Glycerine Soap Base.
There's also 6 recipes included in the box: Happy Joy Facial Soap, Happy Joy Roll-On, Flowers & Spice Diffuser Blend, Flowers, Spice, and Something Nice Soap, Lemongrass, Cajeput, and Bay Compress, and a Sugar Scrub Soap Bar!
& Stickers for the items you make!
If you would like to get this recipe box for yourself, go to this link
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You can use the gift-card towards your next box, or toward your future purchases!
The boxes are only $39 a month and they have over $150 worth of items in them, so it's a really awesome deal!

 Happy Joy Roll-On DIY:
(to put a little joy joy joy joy down in your heart)
Ingredients: 6 drops Simply Earth Happy Joy Essential Oil, 10 ml Almond Oil, 10 ml Roll-on Bottle

1) Add essential oils to roll on bottle. Swirl to mix.
2) Fill the rest of the way with Almond Oil
3) To use, apply blend to pulse points to promote feeling of happiness and joy.

What a great roll-on to have at work with you as a little mood booster! (:
 I receive their recipe boxes and if you'd like to see what was in the previous August box, you can check out my blog post here! The August box had a skincare theme and I did a clear skin roll-on DIY based off of their recipes in that blog post so definitely check it out!
Have you ever made natural soap with essential oils?!


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