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With Fred and I's recent trip to Rochester, I wanted to make a travel guide of the city for you. If you're ever in the area, here are some of the places that we really enjoyed exploring!

 8 Must-See Spots for Rochester:
1. Ontario Beach Park
This park leads right to Ontario Beach and the whole area is gorgeous! The beach is peaceful and calm (at least in the fall season on a week day). The park area has a lot of trees. I'm glad we got to see the park in October because the leaves were so lovely. We would've spent more time at the beach hanging out and relaxing, but we had to get back for work!
If you want to see my style shoot from this park, click here.
This place is a total dream! It serves the most unbeatable treat combination: donuts & pizza. Fred got the pepperoni + sausage pizza and it was incredible. The slices are huge! I tried their famous cannoli donut and a creme tarte. Fred got an original, honey glazed donut. I wish we would've taken a box home with us because they were all amazing. I have a whole blog post about our date there. You can check it out here, if you wanna see our date diary!
3. Abbott's Frozen Custard
Fred got the classic vanilla and it was delicious! I saw a couple different Abbott's locations in the city. We ate at the one right next to Ontario Beach Park. This location had a really nice seating area outside next to the park. Get some custard and then walk to the beach... perfect date!
4. Good Luck Restaurant
Good Luck has a great, eclectic vibe. Their big, brick building looks cool from outside and they have unique indoor decor! Their food menu is set up with sharable portions. They also have really tasty drinks! It seemed to be very popular, so definitely make a reservation. We didn't and we ended up getting there, making a reservation for about 2 hours later, leaving and coming back to be able to eat dinner there! Our waiter was so nice and polite to us as well. I haven't had kinder service in awhile!
5. Genesee Brew House
Fred and I heard that Genesee had good food and beer, but we really went for the view! I saw pictures of the restaurant online and I wanted us to have that view of the city and a waterfall! Even at night, the view was incredibly pretty! It's not every day you see a waterfall in the city like that. I definitely recommend going here if you can and eating outside. They have a little outside eating area with an awesome view and it's heated so you won't get too cold! Oh, and the food was really good! I had potato chip breaded chicken tenders for the first time. Their dipping sauces were really yummy too and their mashed potatoes!
6. Park Avenue 
Park Avenue is such a cute little strip of restaurants and shops. There are a lot of coffee shops + delis and some treat shops. It's just a cool area to go and see. You can walk the area and people watch or window shop.
7. Magnolia's Deli & Cafe
Magnolia's Deli & Cafe is on the Park Avenue Strip. When we were sightseeing on Park Ave, I was so hungry. We popped into Magnolia's on a whim to get a sandwich and I am STILL dreaming about that sandwich. It was so good. I eat a ton of sub type sandwiches and this one was tops. If we lived in Rochester, I'd be hittin' this place up every week!
8. Niagara Falls 
Okay, so I know the falls aren't in Rochester! But if you're in the area, it is so worth the stop. We loved walking around just watching the falls. The whole area is incredibly beautiful! If we would've had more time, we would've went down to the caves to see the water up close.
If you'd like to see my style shoot from the falls, check it out here.

This is my last post from our trip! If you want to see the vlog we made, click here!


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